Repair Sinking Slabs in Wentzville, MO: Quality Concrete Raising

Here at Quality Concrete Raising we believe in permanent solutions. Driveways, patios, garage floors- any type of sinking slab in Wentzville, MO we can repair.

For a less costly and effective leveling system we use polyjacking: a fast method for fixing poor backfill or settlement problems. As sinking concrete becomes more common in older homes we have spent the last few years finding the correct process for stabilizing surfaces.

We offer the following services:

  • Driveways that have sunk or have multiple cracks and splits in the pavement.
  • Entryways and residential sidewalks that are sinking or broken.
  • Pool Deck slabs that are beginning to show signs of settling or becoming uneven.
  • Flat outdoor patio concrete the is no longer smooth to walk on.
  • Garage floors in one solid slab or several sections starting to break apart.
  • Monolithic or sectional basement floors.
  • Concrete steps or porch entrances that are not aligned properly.
Concrete Garage Floor Raising

Methods For Stabilizing & Raising Concrete

We use our polyjacking method to stabilize surface slabs. We accomplish this by injecting polyurethane foam underneath which raises the concrete to level. This requires no excavation and works around tear-offs or replacement services that other contractors provide.

Why Is My Concrete Sinking?

Conrete can sink for several reasons. Between the time it was first installed and the time where you're noticing certain problems can mean anything. However the most common causes in majority of cases of Wentzville, MO is expansion and contraction due to our location in the midwest. Other instances can be poor backfill from the initial pour, or weak soil that is susceptible to water.

Expansion & Contraction: The Leading Cause of Sunken Slabs

Expansion and contraction means the soil underneath the slab is enriched with clay material. Clay-soil expands when it absorbs water and contracts when dried (during hot seasons). It takes many years for this process to begin to shift the soil in such a way that the concrete resting on top begins to move as well. Over time, it can crack, split, or sink depending on how the soil has shifted.

The Alternate Way: Poor Concrete Backfill

Another way for concrete to sink is poorly back-filled cement. Before any cement is poured, whether its a sidewalk or a basement floor, contractors must compact the soil with proper backfill. If this is not done correctly the slabs will naturally shift and create empty space underneath the concrete.

Weak Soil Conditions

Sometimes the answer is simple: you have weak soil. This means that the soil is very sensitive to water and cannot hold or sustain weight and any amount of pressure. It may not be a sink hole persay, but weak soil over time will begin to settle into the ground and leave your concrete slabs vulnerable.

How Do We Fix It?

As stated earlier we use polyjacking to repair any sinking surfaces. However, we mention this again to emphasize on, how previously it was explained, that soil conditions in various ways control your concrete. The solution is to remove that control entirely by 'putting more backfill' underneath the infected area sotospeak. In any situation of weak soil, clay-rich soil, or poor backfill, the repair method is always the same. It's a matter of how much material and the different angles we use it to effectively realign the area.

We can repair the following sunken items:

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