Polyurethane Concrete Raising in Weldon Spring, MO

There are a variety of methods for concrete raising. Whether you're shopping around for a reliable contractor with 5-star reviews, or looking for the right company that offers different services, the end result is always the same: relevel the slab you have. Some companies offer replacement, however here at QCR we know the difference between irreparable damages and a simple fix. That's why we use polyurethane foam to realign surfaces permanently without excavation.

We have serviced the Weldon Spring, MO area in many building applications to repair sinking concrete slabs. Contact us today and speak to an authorized technician during a consultation. We provide free estimates and more information about our services.

Concrete Driveway Raising

Our Services

Concrete Floor Slabs

We offer leveling of concrete floor slabs in all aspects of every home. If you have a basement, we can service and repair the basement floor. We also assist homeowners with garage floor slabs that may have become cracked in certain spots. This is a very delicate procedure that takes precision to prevent further damages.

Exterior Concrete Entrances

Like all homes you have a concrete exterior entrance such as a driveway slab. Even it's in a severely damaged state with all types of crack formations, we can completely restore the surfance and sub-terrain area. Other cases such as exterior entryway sidewalk concrete can be repaired as well.

Monolithic Outdoor Concrete

Monolithic concrete such as patio base slabs can vary depending on the type of layout. With mason lays it can be more time consuming than the normal solid piece. Pool deck slabs are similar and will realigned easily.

Polyjacking Methods for Sinking Concrete

The polyjacking method is a quick and easy three-step process. We drill a hole into the surface area until we reach underneath the slab. We then insert a tube that injects polyurethane foam to cover all empty spots in the sub-terrain. Once each void is filled, the sinking concrete raises and levels. It's that easy.

Once we give a thorough consultation we can usually complete the project within the same day. Due to our efficiency, accuracy, and years of experience, you home is in good hands with a trusted company.

We can repair the following sunken items:

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