Leveling & Raising Concrete Services for Town and Country, MO Residents

Leveling and raising concrete has become a much more simpler task in today's industry. As technology has advanced over the decades, so did our company and the products we use for effective sinking slab repairs.

With both our mudjacking and polyjacking services combined we can lift, restore, and realign any type of concrete we encounter. Areas like driveways, garage floors, steps, and more. From our years of experience in the market and a wide range of satisfied customers in Town and Country, MO, we are an excellent choice for these services.

Concrete Basement Floor Raising

Quality Concrete Raising

Our company name says it all: Quality Concrete Raising. We are your local contractor in the metro area that's certified in structural repairs for sinking concrete. Our staff is reliable, on-time, and knows the ins and outs of soil conditions in Missouri. This includes the most common problems of expansion and contraction- the leading cause of settling slabs.

The Difference of Our Services

We offer mudjacking as a base of services. But what sets us apart from other contractors is the use of polyurethane foam 'polyjacking'. This is the most durable and longlasting material in the market and can be the difference between a thorough project completion or a failed service. Depending on the type of soil, sinking concrete problem, and surrounding issues, will determine which material we use (or most effective).

Why Does Concrete Sink or Settle?

Sinking concrete is commonly reffered to as a settlement issue. It comes from poor soil conditions underneath or around your slabs. With clay-rich soil it can be subject to expansion and contraction where the ground expands and shrinks throughout each season.

Other conditions are from weak soil where water deteriorates the strength of the earth and the backfill, causing the concrete to sink. Poor backfill can also be an issue from previous contracting work. This is especially common for sidewalk slabs and patio concrete that were added to the house later on.

The Solution: Slabjacking for Lifting Concrete

Slabjacking is the most efficient solution. Other contractors may recommend replacing the entire slab, however this is not a necessary service and can be very costly. Slabjacking utilized the concrete by creating a small opening with our drill and pumping extra backfill and material underneath to fill the voids. As the space fills the slabs will rise and level to the appropriate positions.

We can repair the following sunken items:

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