St. Peters, MO Certified Sinking Concrete Repair & Raising

When you have sinking concrete on your driveway, the surface area of your patio or deck, or even your front porch steps, the question many homeowners ask is: why is this happening? To first address the repair we must educate ourselves in the process that takes us underground within the soil. In St. Peters, MO, like any other town in the metro area, is located in the midwest where our soil is enriched with clay. This type of soil is the leading cause of settling slabs through expansion and contraction.

Here at Quality Concrete Raising we provide sinking concrete repair for homeowners needing a certified and knowledgeable company that can handle every aspect of sub-terrain deficiency. We are experienced with slab restoration in Missouri and can quickly resolved all problems with our polyjacking service.

This includes no excavation or other inconvenient work-arounds the can be costly and time consuming for the homeowner.

Concrete Walkway Raising

Raising Your Concrete The Most Effective Way

When it comes to raising concrete homeowners want a quick and painless process that will get the job done. Our contractors provide just that: fast and simple slabjacking. There's no digging or replacement required in almost any situation we encounter. Slabjacking allows us to provide a thorough service in the most effective way by restoring the concrete we have to work with.

In many cases like sidewalk slabs that go to your home, or porch steps resting directly outside, are built in one solid piece and very rarely become irreparable.

Our process uses 'injection' methods that pump materials underneath the concrete filling the areas that are empty, and then pressurizing the substance until the slab raises. Different materials we use include our patented mixture of water, dirt, and cement for mudjacking, and polyurethane foam for polyjacking.

Polyjacking vs. Mudjacking: What's the Difference?

The main difference between both mudjacking and polyjacking is the material used. The same process is initiated using injection through a hole that we drill into the slab. The cement mixture for mud-jacking is still a reliable source for compacting the soil underneath.

Polyurethane foam for poly-jacking is a more technologically advanced material that is more flexible. This means that even the smallest voids in the sub-terrain will be filled compared to cement (which is thicker). It provides a more thorough concrete raising process that is built to last.

We can repair the following sunken items:

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