What Is Polyjacking?

Polyjacking, also known as polyurethane concrete raising, foam lifting, foam jacking, and slab jacking is a method of concrete raising that uses a process of injecting an expanding polyurethane foam under a cracked or sinking slab of concrete to lift it back into its original position. A large advantage of the polyurethane foam is that it is inorganic meaning it will not break down over time. Because it does not break down, you can rest assured knowing the foam will stay in place keeping your concrete supported.

Some of the places around homes or businesses polyjacking is used is for concrete raising include driveways, sidewalks, pool decks, patios, garage floors, basement floors, and steps.

We have used polyjacking to perform concrete lifting on many projects in the St. Louis area and we know this process can permanently repair any type of cracked, settling, or sinking concrete.

Polyfoam Polymer Foam Concrete Raising

How does Polyjacking work?

The process of polyjacking is both straightforward and effective. Once we arrive at your jobsite, we follow these steps to correct the concrete issues you're having.

  1. Remove any debris and prepare the concrete surface for repair.
  2. Drill 5/8" holes in the surface of the concrete.
  3. Inject the polyurethane foam through the drilled holes.
  4. As the foam expands, the concrete rises evenly.
  5. After the slab is lifted, we will patch drill holes.

Why Use Polyjacking?

The advantages of polyjacking over grinding the settled concrete or complete replacement are that it is quick and simple to use, much more cost effective, lasts as long as the concrete will, and is a comprehensive repair due to the way the foam completely fills the void.

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