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Quality Concrete Raising is your choice contractor in the Pacific, MO area- offering permanent solutions that are fast, efficient, and less costly than full replacement. Our services assess the core aspects of sinking slab repair by penetrating the surface and injecting polyurethane foam in the sub-terrain. This effect will restore, realign, and hold any concrete including driveways, walkways, basement floors, patios, pool decks, and garage floors. Other areas include the common concrete steps in entrances or porches that a made as one solid slab.

Concrete Sidewalk Raising

How We Repair and Raise Concrete

In Pacific, MO, homes are located in the heart of midwest. Missouri is prone to having clay-rich soil that expands and contracts throughout the seasons. To repair and raise your concrete we must first address the problem: more compaction and backfill. While shifts in the soil are unpredictable and cannot be controlled, we can solidify the sub-surface with polyurethane foam injection underneath. It's longlasting and durable to any movements.

This will not only help level the concrete, it will prevent additional shifts in the soil. We call this 'Polyjacking'.

Polyjacking Concrete Solutions

While mudjacking is a service we offer ansd stand by, polyjacking remains the industry leading solution for sinking concrete. Due it's material, the subtance can penetrate and fill almost any empty space underneath settling slabs. This assures a more solid and firm raising that protects against fractures or further deterioration.

Why Choose Us?

We have been a certified contractor for years becoming not only knowledgable in the trade, but how to effectively reestablish strong concrete slabs. Complete restoration is our mission as we continue to assist homeowners in Pacific, MO that need a reliable and trustworthy company. We offer free estimates and consultations- call now!

We can repair the following sunken items:

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