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In O'Fallon, MO the river runs very close to the proximity of homeowners in that area. With clay-rich soil this can cause a lot of problems with sinking concrete & cracks on pavements like driveways, interior structures like basement floor slabs, and additions like patio concrete.

At Quality Concrete Raising we offer superior lifting and repairs as a certfified contractor in the metro east area.

Concrete Patio Raising

The Dangers of Sinking Concrete

While many homeowners believe in some cases sinking concrete can be purely cosmetic, there are many aspects that make this a danger to your home. Predictably, basement floors are a reknowned threat to the structural integrity to your home. However other cases such as steps in entryways or porches can create a 'chain effect' that leads to other deterioration of your home. Another example of this is pool decks or patios that are aligned to your home. If the weak soil begins to get too close to your home, the voids may travel farther and weaken the surrounding foundation.

Concrete Cracks, Slopes, and Settling

Early warning signs of sinking concrete can be very obvious. However, there are some common symptoms that may get left unnoticed.

Cracks are extremely common, especially on garage floors. Slabs that are poured are almost never perfect and therefore have a tendency to slightly break when cured (depending on the contractor). But if you notice massive splits in any surface area this means more major problem at work.

The same can be said about sloping or settling (sinking) where you may not be experiencing any type of crack. Instead the concrete slabs are considerably shifting or moving to the point where the surface is no longer smooth.

The Concrete Raising Solution

Concrete raising comes in a variety of methods. Many contractors will recommend a replacement, but we however know that this is a costly and ineffective method. There are two reasons for this:

  1. Replacing entire concrete slabs is expensive. Even then, it's a time consuming process that requires excavation and more contracting work that will utterly make your home a construction site.
  2. Replacement does not fix the underlining issue: expanding and contracting soil. Once replace, the problems will arise again until the core aspect is apprehended.

Our solutions and methods utilize the current slab and restore it using more backfill and compaction. While we cannot hope to change any type of soil condition, we can prevent further shifts by compacting the soil more and solidifying a more stable environment for your concrete to rest on. We do this through polyjacking or mudjacking.

Mudjacking Is Still Effective Concrete Lifting

Mudjacking has changed over the years. Where previously it was a purely excavational method that required contractor to tear off the slab and pour more backfill, we skip this process entirely by drilling down underneath to the area we want to reach.

It's name remains the same due to the usage of cement mixture of water, dirt, and rock that is still highly effective. After years of experience our company took a step further and came up with a more reliable, patented mixture of our own that's guaranteed to last.

Polyjacking For Optimal Raising

If you want the most advanced product in the industry then we present to you polyjacking. By using polyurethane foam material instead of cement we can be more accurate in the raising process. While mudjacking is still efficient, polyjacking remains the best solution.

The polyurethane substance or mroe flexible and lightweight in liquid state which grants optimal filling in the smallest of spaces. When cured, it's harder than steel which give your concrete a better protection against soil-shifts.

We can repair the following sunken items:

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