Concrete Raising in O'Fallon, IL

The O'Fallon, IL area has many areas where the soil is quite unstable. This results in movement of concrete slabs over a period of time. The solution is our unique polyjacking process where we use a foam that is non porous to raise and level out almost any concrete surface area.

The cost of polyjacking is much less than doing a complete concrete tear out and repour.

Concrete Sidewalk Raising

Why Choose Polyjacking?

The polyurethane foam substance used for polyjacking is highly versitile and mutable, filling any gap or void underneath the concrete slab. The results are 100% guaranteed full compaction even in the smallest crevice. This means any empty space in the sub-terrain will be efficiently polyjacked due to the flexibility of the material. When cured, polyurethane is virtually indestructible.

Types of Concrete Slabs We Repair, Level, and Raise

We raise any concrete slab that is poured. Whether it's exterior, interior, or the base of a home addition, we got you covered. Below are some examples of instances we encounter and types of slabs we are experienced in handling.

Floor Slabs

Basement floors are often overlooked as a waterproofing issue, however this falls in line with raising and leveling services due to the nature of sinking slabs. We also repair garage floors which are generally built as one solid piece of concrete. In this case we take special care to not cause any more damages or cracks.

Exterior Additions

The most common additions to homes are patios that are built with semi-monolithic slabs that we are able to realign. Other additions such as porch steps and pool decks that are built with multiple pieces can be raised individually using the same procedures.

Driveways and Sidewalks

Any type of concrete pathway that is exposed to the elements at all times is most vulnerable. We repair driveways, sidewalks, and entryways build in multiple or single pieces of slabs. All cracks and deterioration are accommodated in any project we complete.

We can repair the following sunken items:

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