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Sinking concrete is often an indication of expanding and contracting soil conditions that have left your slabs unstable. As an expert on all aspects of concrete repairs we prvode only the best of services in today's market using the industry's most effective solution: polyjacking.

With a quick and painless process that requires zero excavation, you can rest assured knowing your slabs are properly restored and not replaced.

Concrete Garage Floor Raising

A complete demonstration of concrete restoration can be found here by watching a video of the simple technique that's taking the country by storm. Serving the Maryland Heights, MO area for years, our experts know how to effectively handle the realignment steps once the project has finished compacting and filling the soil underneath.

Polyjacking: Your Concrete Raising Solution

The answer to all concrete raising problems is polyjacking: the most effective solution. By inserting a hose into a small opening we pump a material called polyurethane foam that fills the empty areas underneath the slab. Once filled, the concrete will rise. We continue to pump polyurethane until we completely realign. All of our experts are trained to predict how slabs will raise using advanced measuring and predetermined calculations so that all areas are even when finished.

Interior Concrete

While interior concrete may seem safe it's still exposed to the elements. Basements are highly susceptible to soil conditions and often crack or shift because of this. Getting basement floor repairs is easy with our polyjacking process. Other interiors such as garage slabs are accounted for as well.

Exterior Concrete

The most common areas for sinking concrete is the outside. Exteriors are always exposed to the elements including the soil in the sub-terrain. Driveways are a bit more in-depth when repairing due to the vast surface area. Every crack or split must be assessed during the restoration.

Everything else in the exterior of your home includes steps, stoops, porches, entrways, patio areas, and pool decks. Any structure built on concrete slabs, we can fix.

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You can contact us at any time via phone or our online contact form. Any inquiries or information we are happy to provide with our friendly on-call staff with knowledge in our industry and business operations. We provide free estimates after full assessment for the benefit of the homeowner. Here at Quality Concrete Raising we are your local experts.

We can repair the following sunken items:

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