Kirkwoods's Premier Contractor: Quality Concrete Raising

As a local Kirkwood, MO contractor we thrive on the proper assessment of sinking slabs and all aspects associated with these concrete problems. Our company uses advanced research, knowledge, and experience in Missouri's climate & soil conditions that cause cracks, settlement, and shifting. We provide concrete raising through polyjacking which is a non-intrusive, simple, fast, and permanent solution.

Common Concrete Problems

Concrete Driveway Raising

As a premier contractor Quality Concrete Raising knows the ins and outs of common problems that damage slabs as well as the structures built upon it. This includes exteriors and home additions that use a solid foundation to hold the structure in place.

Exterior Concrete Slabs

Exteriors are constantly exposed to the elements at all time. Any type of concrete through the seasons is subject to the soil conditions that present themselves underneath. This means that concrete slabs, while stable and solid, is only as strong as the soil it sits on. Areas where concrete is always carrying massive amounts of weight, such as driveways for your vehicles, can become even more vulnerable.

Sidewalks and entryways are exposed as well but not necessarily carrying weight. Climate and soil conditions are more impactful due to the thickness of these types of slabs and generally do not hold enough backfill.

Pool decks resting on footings or large slabs can have concrete problems as well. Generally from the same exposure that creates settlement or cracking.

Other Concrete Slab Additions

If your home has additions that are made of solid concrete, they are susceptible to these common problems. We offer services for monolithic slabs such as basement floors where excavation is not an option. Though prone to these conditions, it's still a necessary repair to avoid other damages.

Other additions such as concrete steps, stoops, or porches are generally attached to the overall structure of your home. When they pose a problem it also threatens your home.

In other cases such as sheds or garage floors where the base is made of one giant concrete slab we must take extra precautions to be extra delicate during the realignment process. This is to prevent any splits or cracks that can cause leaks.

We can repair the following sunken items:

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