House Springs, MO Professional Sinking Concrete Repair & Raising

Get your sinking concrete repair with exceptional quality here at Quality Concrete Raising. Our company is devoted to leveling all types of slabs using efficient products and systems that we have utilized over last few decades. Homeowners in the House Springs, MO area can rest asured knowing they are good hands as we offer professional services that exceed the limitations of excavation by removing this process entirely. No digging or replacement is required with our polyjacking techniques. This is especially convenient for structures like basement floors with massive cracks, patio slabs that have shifted, or pool decks that are beginning to deteriorate- all which are impossible (or overwhelmingly expensive) to replace.

Concrete Basement Floor Raising

Getting The Best Concrete Leveling Experience

Our goal and mission is to give homeowners a good experience with concrete leveling. As technology has improved over the years, this once daunting and inconvenient service has now become painless, fast, and effective. As stated earlier, our methods do not require excavation. In fact, the only noticable signs of our presence once we leave the project site is the small, filled hole that we drilled into the concrete slab. We take on any type of project with both home additions and exteriors. This includes entry slabs such as driveways or sidewalks, and garage floors.

Going Beyond Traditional Mudjacking With Polyjacking

When we raise concrete we do offer traditional mudjacking to an extent, however mudjacking has changed over the years. Instead of replacing or digging underneath the slab we simply drill a small hole. Here we inject our cement mixture filling the empty spaces and raising the concrete until completely leveled.

With polyjacking we use the same process, although the material we use is quite different: polyurethane foam. This substance is highly mutable and fills almost all sub-terrain voids- more effective than cement. It's also extremely durable when cured and solidified. This is the highest quality material for any sinking concrete repairs.

Quality Concrete Raising: Why Choose Us

Our years of experience has granted the opportunity to do better by the homeowners in Missouri. We believe in permanent solutions so our methods ensure that this remains true. After a decade of using a variety of tactics for raising slabs, we have narrowed it down to only professional and reliable techniques. Years later, we have become well known in the local area receiving 5-star reviews and notices of recommendation.

Our services are simple, fast, and we provide a free estimate at your leisure. Since our quality relies heavily on your feedback and satisfaction, you can rest assure we will provide 100% job completion.

We can repair the following sunken items:

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