High Ridge, MO Certified Concrete Raising Company

We are Quality Concrete Raising- a specialized company dedicated to sinking slab repairs. Anything you need, we provide. With exceptional craftsmanship, professional courtesy, and quality, we can assist any homeowner in High Ridge, MO with any type of concrete related problems they may be experiencing. Certified in both mudjacking and polyjacking trades our business thrives on the value of our customers recieving the best care with minimal excavation or other costly alternatives. Our solutions are permanent and offer a longlasting repair for sunken concrete in any exterior or addition.

This includes walkways such as sidewalks or entryway slabs, driveways in all shapes, sizes, and builds, and interiors. Monolithic slabs like basement floors or garage floors are an in-depth service we offer that does not require external systems. More common additions such as pool deck concrete, patio slabs, and steps for entrances or porches are areas we are proficient in raising & repairing.

Concrete Walkway Raising

Mudjacking: Traditional Concrete Leveling

Amongst both types of slabjacking, we offer mudjacking as the basis for concrete raising and leveling. With modern technology our goal is to completely remove the necessity of excavation or replacement by using the slab as a base to be improved and repaired. We accomplish this by injecting our patented cement mixture underneath the concrete through a small incision, causing it to raise, level, and realign back into place.

In some cases this can be a very delicate process such as severely cracked sidewalks, basement floor slabs, or broken footings of pool decks. This is where our expertise and years of experience comes into effect, to avoid replacement by using what we have. Through our advanced techniques we can virtually restore any problem we encounter.

Modernized Concrete Repair With Polyjacking

The latest and most modern material used for concrete repair is polyurethane foam. Due to it's name, we industry providers call this 'polyjacking'. We use the exact same method, however we inject polyurethane instead of cement.

Polyurethane Foam: What's The Difference?

Why use polyurethane? Being the newest technology doesn't always mean it's the best. However in this case polyurethane is a great alternative for raising concrete. It's a flexible material that is designed to fill and compact empty spaces and gaps underneath your sunken slab at a more efficient rate. Where cement is much thicker, polyurethane can reach even the tiniest crevices in sub-terrain. When cured it's nearly indestructible holding massive amounts of weight and pressure.

We can repair the following sunken items:

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