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Lesser methods for concrete raising is an insufficient repair that can be costly down the road if not handled by the proper company. When you need a professional contractor in Hazelwood, MO you expect only the best. Sunken slab repairs are quirky, delicate, and require an experienced company that knows how soil, pressure, and time all effect the underlining problems of concrete. The services we provide exceed beyond driveways and sidewalks as the common basis in this industry, and use the same methods for other similar structural problems that utilize foundation pouring. This includes pool decks, patios, steps, garages, and basement floors. Our motto is that each of these structures use concrete to hold weight distribution and should be treated just as important as the other.

Concrete Sidewalk Raising

Our Services - Raising the Concrete Properly and Effectively

There are many forms of raising concrete. However, the most effective methods are the ones that will keep these slabs secure and permanently stable. Our company believes in repairs, not replacement. Often times common knowledge recommends the initial concrete pour is irreparable, and thus homeowners replace the entire concrete. In situations like decks, porches, patios, or basements, this an impossible undertaking. Our services go beyond the limitations through our mudjacking and polyjacking methods.

Basement Floor Leveling

Leveling a basement floor can be a very delicate process, as it's one of the most important aspects for having protection against leaks or structural damages. They come in two different forms: one solid monolithic slab or mutliple pieces joined together. In either case our contractors will be able to assess the issues and address the weak areas carefully.

Driveways, Sidewalks, and Pathways

Each concrete slab that is poured and established outside are exposed to the elements. This includes driveways, sidewalks, and pathways. In every project we encounter different variables and additional problems that cannot be predetermined. Whether it's water, soil, or backfill problems, we can figure out the best solutions to resolve these scenarios with a full diagnosis before attempting to raise the concrete.

Patios, Porches, & Pool Decks

While porches are pretty straight forward as a solid piece of concrete on the outside of your home, patios and pool decks require a bit more in-depth procedures to make sure the slabs are kept in tact and raised properly without further damaging any other additions, attachments, or exterior work.

Concrete Garage Floors

Much like basements, garage floors are treated with the utmost care. In most cases the floors are one solid piece of concrete the must be raised and leveled in conjunction with each area- keeping the weight balanced at all times. In these instances it's carefully repaired to not cause any damages to the framework.

How We Repair Sinking Concrete

As stated earlier, mudjacking and polyjacking are the most optimal technique for raising and leveling sunken concrete slabs. Our process started with a small incision into the slab creating a small hole. We then pump either our cement mixture or polyurethane foam into the sub-terrain underneath the area. The material is thoroughly injected filling and compacting the soil or poor backfill while raising the slab. Both materials are effective and have their own benefits for each situation.

We can repair the following sunken items:

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