Concrete Raising in Granite City, IL

Known best for the steel mills, Granite City, IL is a vibrant community whose homeowners take a lot of pride in their well taken care of homes. Like many of the other areas in the region the soil is expansive and allows for a lot of contraction and expansion. When that happens it is very common to have sidewalks and concrete slabs move or sink. Fortunately, at Quality Concrete Raising we have just the right material to level out your slabs without the expense of replacing it.

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Concrete Garage Floor Raising

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While many contractors may lead you to believe excavation and/or replacement is your only option, we know there's another way. In fact, the industry for replacing slabs is slowly diminishing due to its' cost and time.

With our polyjacking services homeowners now have a fast, efficient, and reliable solution for permanent sinking concrete slab repair. Using only a small incision that is drilled by our experts we leave no trace while preserving and restoring the damaged surfaces. This is the most reliable concrete raising method in today's market.

We can repair the following sunken items:

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