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Quality Concrete Raising is your local provider for services in the Frontenac, MO area. Our company thrives on the speciality and delicacy needed to handle sinking cracked slab repairs in any exterior or home addition. This includes driveways, walkways, sidewalks, pool decks, patios, garage floors, basement floors, stoops and steps. With our premium mudjacking and polyjacking techniques we offer a permanent repair on any project undertaking.

Who We Are

Our company has been a leading industry provider of concrete raising and leveling. Unlike other contractors we are certified not only in the trade regulations, but the building code and ordinance of the state of Missouri. All concrete slabs are apprehended and thoroughly analyzed before beginning our procedures. Over the years slabjacking has become second nature as we continue to assist homeowners in the midwest.

Concrete Patio Raising

How We Fix Sinking Concrete Slabs


We drill a small hole into the concrete slab creating an opening for our tubing and hose to fit. The hole is drilled until it reaches underneath the slab where soft-soil or empty space available for injection. We then pump our specialized mixture of water, dirt, and cement to fill the gaps and compound the soil in the sub-terrain. As the mixture is pumped the slab raises until realigned and leveled.


With polyjacking we use the same process except with a different material: polyurethane foam. To fix sinking concrete slabs we have to increase or replace the backfill and/or add extra mass underneath in order to fill the voids. Polyurethane is a better alternative to cement pumping due to it's flexibility. It has an increased rate of filling and can fit into even the smallest of crevices that cement normally wouldn't reach.

Concrete Exterior Slabs and Home Additions

There are many forms of concrete slabs surrounding your home. Mainly in exteriors like driveways, sidewalks, and patio slabs are a standard outside every house that we offer in-depth services for a smooth and seamless walkway. Exterior structures such as pool decks, steps, and stoops are handled with precision to keep the concrete leveled horizonally and vertically. This ensures that the damage is contained and not effecting your home's structural integrity in the process of the repair.

Home additions and interior concrete slabs consist of garage floors and basement floors. Where normally this may appear to be a foundation related problem, the methods we use will restabilize and solidify the slabs back into place.

The Solution: Slabjacking

Whether it's an exterior or interior concrete slab, slabjacking is a permanent solution that will solidify and hold in place. Between mudjacking and polyjacking there's no wrong choice and does not require any excavation. From concrete steps to basic driveways, slabjacking will solve any sinking or settling problems for years to come.

We can repair the following sunken items:

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