Fenton, MO Professional Sinking Concrete Repair & Raising

As a professional slab repair expert we provide only the best services in concrete raising and leveling. This comes from years of experience in the industry and the vast amounts of research, knowledge, and certifications in sinking concrete problems. Our products and methods give permanent solutions for the benefit of the homeowner so that the repair is done once, and never arises again. Customers we have serviced in Fenton, MO have been satisfied with our workmanship and quality thus far, and we continue to expand upon this by simply providing an excellent service at a competitive rate.

Our goal is to ensure all possible outcomes and advantages are handled when the project begins. This includes a full diagnosis, which material to use during the slabjacking, weak and strong points of the slab, and how to effectively implement our repair. While driveways or sidewalks are pretty straight-forward, other instances of concrete steps, flooring, or decks & patio slabs will require more accuracy and proper planning.

Concrete Garage Floor Raising

Concrete Leveling Through Slabjacking

Slabjacking is the only method for repairing sunken concrete without excavating or replacing the entire slab. Our methods use both types of slabjacking: polyjacking and mudjacking. The difference between the two is only the unique materials used to provide a reliable and stable concrete leveling service.

Sinking Concrete Around Your Home

Garage & Basement Floor Slabs

Garage floors and basement floors are bound with the same problems as other concrete slabs: settlement and cracks. Though interior by default they are prone to be weakened by exterior causes such as moisture levels and soil conditions.

Pool Deck and Patio Concrete

The concrete base that your pool deck was built on can become damage or sunken over time, especially with the constant exposure to water. Patio concrete are much like pathways where the monolithic slabs can easily sink into the earth if soil or backfill problems occur.

Concrete Sidewalks and Driveways

Being entirely exposed to the elements at all times, sidewalks and driveways are only as strong as the soil beneath. When backfill was laid before the concrete was poured, did the contractors do this correctly? Or is the soil enriched with clay causing expansion and contraction? These are the questions we ask in order to provide the best solution when choosing the right material for the repair.

We can repair the following sunken items:

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