Repair Sunken Concrete in Edwardsville, IL

Is your concrete sinking? Whether it is a pool deck, driveway or garage floor our polyjacking process can raise up and level out any concrete surface in a very cost efficient manner. We service the entire Metro East Area including Edwardsville, IL.

Concrete Driveway Raising

Our Concrete Raising Process

We stand by our brand as a Quality Concrete Raising company. Our mission is to provide permanent solutions, not temporary fixes. We accomplish this with our polyjacking method; and the process is simple. We start by drilling hole in the sunken concrete slab until we reach the sub-terrain. We then insert a small hose that pumps polyurethane foam underground filling all voids and gaps that cause sinking. As the empty areas fill the concrete raises and realigns into place.

Why Is My Concrete Sinking?

The most common question amongst homeowners is not how to repair sinking slabs, but why is it happening in the first place? To understand this we first must understand soil.

Clay-rich soil is abundant in Missouri. The substance allows it to expand when absorbing water, and contract when dry. This fluctuation causes 'expansion and contraction' which moves and shift the soil each year throughout the seasons. Over time any concrete resting on this type of soil becomes vulnerable by moving and shifting along with it.

Each shift causes cracks as pressure persists, and causes sinking where soil has contracted to too far leaving 'voids' underneath. Especially common on paved driveways.

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Our team is constantly assisting homeowners with more information on how we repair sunken concrete, costs, timeframes, and reputation in the Edwardsville, IL area. When you contact us we are more than happy to help provide all the information you need, and also offer a free estimate to assess the damages of your slabs. Don't hesitate to use our phone or our online contact form for any inquiries.

We can repair the following sunken items:

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