Concrete Sidewalk Raising

Concrete Sidewalk Raising

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It seems as though no matter where you go, cracked and sinking sidewalks are a very common sight. When the cracked sidewalk is outside your home, the problem is that much more obvious. These cracked sidewalks can be both dangerous and unattractive.

The underlying cause to concrete sidewalks sinking and cracking is concrete settlement. This is something that happens over time as moisture levels in the soil fluctuate and ultimately create voids or spaces in the soil. The sidewalk will begin to settle into those voids and no longer be level or eventually crack. With the help of our concrete raising process, we can restore your sidewalk to a level position and help prevent tripping on cracks.

Lift Sinking Sidewalks

Our team uses either our mudjacking or polyjacking process to raise your sinking, cracked sidewalk back to the correct position. This is done by injecting a cement slurry or an expanding polyurethane foam into the space below the sidewalk and lifting the slab back up. If you've got a sinking sidewalk, contact us today to have our professionals work with you to repair the problem.

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Driveway Raising in Wildwood, MO

Quality Concrete Raising came out and raised my entire driveway back to level at a fraction of the cost of replacing it. They were courteous and did a great job, I would use them again or highly recommend to any of my friends

Bill B - Wildwood, MO 63038