Concrete Pool Deck Raising

Concrete Pool Deck Raising

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The pool deck is the concrete walkway that is poured around your in ground pool. Many times, when a pool is put in, the soil that is filled back in, or the backfill, is not correctly or sufficiently compacted. This back filled soil will settle faster than untouched soil. As the soil expands and contracts over time, spaces are created that will cause the deck to sink and ultimately crack. This cracked pool deck is unsightly and can be dangerous for people walking around your pool.

Our mudjacking and polyjacking methods have been the standard for years and will help repair any sinking or settling pool deck issues you may have.

Signs of a Sinking Pool Deck

  • Cracks - While small cracks may not be a tremendous problem, they could be an indicator of a larger problem. Better to get the problem fixed before it escalates.
  • Sloping - If you notice the decking is sloping more than a few degrees, the slope has increased over time. This tells you the deck is settling and needs to be repaired.
  • Sinking - If you are seeing large dips between slabs around the deck, these are the main signs of a problem. If there is enough dip for someone to trip over, you are in need of repairs.

If you've noticed cracks in your pool deck or any of the signs above, we can use our concrete raising system to repair the deck and get it back to the proper height and slope. Please contact us today if you've got any questions or want to have your pool deck repaired.

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