Concrete Patio Raising

Concrete Patio Raising

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A concrete patio is a great thing to have but sometimes, over time, cracks will form and can eventually become a danger. These cracks form because the soil supporting the patio has fluctuations in moisture. As the moisture levels rise and fall, this can cause spaces, or voids, under the slab into which the concrete will sink.

The last thing you want happening to your patio is having it slope to one side or sinking and full of cracks. Our concrete raising service can restore your concrete patio to the correct height and level.

Leveling Concrete Patios

Our mudjacking and polyjacking processes can level your patio in a matter of hours. This is an ideal alternative to completely replacing the entire slab because it costs much less and will have very similar results. This is done by injecting our cement slurry or polyurethane foam into the space below the sinking patio and carefully lifting it to the original position.

If you've noticed cracks in your concrete patio or if it is noticeably sinking, let our team come out and get it properly leveled and back where it belongs. Contact us online today so we can help restore your patio.

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Thank you for professional mudjacking team.  Great company that I will recommend!!

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