Concrete Garage Floor Raising

Concrete Garage Floor Raising

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Your garage floor is usually a very large single slab of concrete. Being so large means it is more prone to sinking and cracking over time. As the soil under the garage expands and contracts with changes in humidity and moisture levels, voids or spaces can form and the concrete can sink into them. As the concrete sinks, the floor can develop cracks or low spots. Gaps under the door can also be formed which will allow air and water to pass under the door.

If the cracks in your garage floor are not repaired, they can get worse over time and develop into a hazardous situation. If they continue to get worse, the damage will only increase over time as moisture levels continue to fluctuate and the voids increase in size.

Garage Floor Leveling

If you have cracks in the floor or the entire slab is sinking, you know it can be both dangerous and embarrassing. Let our experts evaluate your garage floor. If it requires concrete raising, then we can utilize our processes of polyjacking or mudjacking to correct the crack issue and get it level again.

If you have any questions about garage floor lifting, please contact us today and we'll be more than happy to help you.

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