Concrete Driveway Raising

Concrete Driveway Raising

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Do you have large cracks in your driveway? Does your driveway slope or have low spots? Do you find yourself tripping while walking into the garage? The soil under your driveway can contract and expand over time as the moisture level increases and decreases. This can cause spaces or voids to form that will ultimately lead to cracks in or sinking of your driveway. The solutions to this problem are limited. One is to remove the driveway and pour a new one which can cost thousands of dollars and take over a week before it can be driven on again. A quality, cost effective alternative is to use mudjacking or polyjacking to lift the driveway back into place in a matter of hours.

Leveling a Concrete Driveway

Because the driveway is generally a large slab of concrete, making sure it stays level over time is a good way to prevent cracks from forming. We can help ensure the driveway is level by injecting our cement slurry or polyurethane foam below the slab which will steadily fill all the gaps and holes below the driveway to lift it back to its original position. Once the repair is completed, rest assured that your driveway will be properly supported and level again. This will save you money and is a great alternative to replacing the entire slab.

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