Concrete Basement Floor Raising

Concrete Basement Floor Raising

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If you have a concrete slab somewhere, it can for cracks. As moisture levels in the supporting soil increase and decrease over time, the soil will expand and shrink. This shrinking of soil causes voids to form under the slab. As the slab sinks into those voids, cracks will form. If nothing is done about these cracks, they will get worse over time and can eventually cause tripping hazards to be created.

When a basement slab is poured, it is generally done with a gentle slope towards a floor drain. One of our experienced mudjacking and polyjacking team members can examine your floor and determine if the slope is the proper one or if it has been caused by a settlement problem.

Basement Floor Leveling

If you've got cracks in your basement floor and want to finally get them repaired, our concrete raising method can provide the necessary repairs once and for all. Our experts will carefully examine the basement floor slab and determine a proper fix to correctly raise and level the slab.

If you have any questions about basement floor lifting, please contact us today and we'll be more than happy to help you.

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