Polyjacking & Concrete Raising in Columbia, IL

Are you dealing with uneven concrete slabs on your driveway? Constantly tripping on the sidewalk in front of your home? Well today we can level those uneven slabs with polyjacking! The latest in greatest of technology has introduce polyurethane foam which is utterly the most effective method for concrete raising. With homeowners all over the country looking for alternate services that don't require excavation, we bring you the best technique in today's industry.

With a three step process we can lift and level any concrete slab we encounter within the same day. No longer will families in Columbia, IL have wait on contractors creating a big project with an even bigger mess- turning your home into a construction site. Our experts will be in and out after the free consultation, estimate, and project completion- no questions asked.

Concrete Basement Floor Raising

Lifting and Leveling Concrete The Right Way

There are many forms of leveling and lifting sinking slabs. However, there is only one solution that is most viable: polyjacking. Polyjacking is a form of slabjacking that raises concrete through injection. Instead of completely tearing off the slab, we drill through it. It's that simple. The material used is polyurethane foam which is a versitile substance that will fill any sub-terrain void underneath. This creates a more secure and firm hold when cured.

Other Methods We Provide

We also offer mudjacking- the other type of slabjacking. The only difference is that the material we use is a mixture of water, dirt, and cement. Still highly viable and efficient, we may recommend this for simple repairs. While polyurethane is absolutely the best, it's not always necessary for quick fixes. Examples of this would be a single sidewalk slab that has sunk (not the entire sidewalk), or a single step without any cracks or splits.

Ultimately we will recommend the best course of action and provide a written estimate after discussing the problems at hand.

Types Of Concrete Problems We Fix

There are many forms of concrete slabs all around modern day homes. Whether it was freshly installed or added decades ago, we can restore it. Below you can view the different types of problems we fix:

  • Exterior Slabs - Consists of monolithic patios, pool decking, steps, and porches.
  • Exterior Concrete - Consists of paved or slabbed driveways, sidewalks, and entry walkways.
  • Interior Concrete - Garage floors, sheds with cement flooring, and basement floors.

Every instance is unique yet the results are the same: full restoration and repair. Once the concrete is raised and the sub-terrain is completely filled/cured the surface area will remain stable.

We can repair the following sunken items:

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