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Getting a concrete raising contractor that suits your needs and doesn't over step the boundaries of cost efficiency versus quality work has never been easier with our company. Our job and mission as a certified slab repair business is to provide the necessary stabilization and realignment of sinking concrete for homeowners needing reliability, assurance, and permanent solutions. We don't believe in temporary repairs that require additional work- we complete projects thoroughly for the benefit of the families and their convenience.

Serving Clayton, MO area for years, we have assisted many homes with sunken slabs around additions and exteriors. The services we offer accommodate problematic parts of your house such as garage floors, basement floors, patios, and steps. More cosmetic oriented exteriors such as sidewalks, walkways, and driveways are handled as well- including any hair-line cracks, major fractures, or standard concrete slab splits. Pool deck slabs are a more intensive undertaking that we repair and requires special care to restabilize the supports and make sure no additional damages are done to the wooden framework or attachments to your home.

Raising Concrete Example in Clayton, MO

Cause & Effect of Sinking Conrete Slabs

Whenever there's sinking concrete slabs, there's a problem with the soil. Whether it's poor backfill, weak soil, or mutable soil, the issue lies within the sub-terrain. While preinstallation methods from before your concrete was poured are to prevent these problems, some contractors may not do a thorough enough job. Other instances where your home is built on clay-rich soil, concrete will suffer from expansion and contraction of the ground underneath.

Poor Backfill Problems

As concrete raising contrator in the midwest, we've seen it all when it comes to poor backfill. Often times this is an indication from previous contractors not using the proper protocols or building codes to lay our the concrete slab. More noticable with sidewalks and driveways the slab will sink and crack causing unsightly pathways the are rough to walk or drive on. More hazardous instances such as basement floors, decks, or patios, threaten the structural integrity surrounding your home.

Expanding & Contracting Soil: The Downfall of Concrete

While it's easier to blame previous installations, we know that Missouri is reknowned for clay-rich soil that has a tendency to create what's called expansion and contraction. Due to it's nature, clay-rich soil soaks in water during rainy and snow-thawing seasons causing it to expand, and then contract or shrink during the dry seasons. Over time this cause the soil to shift in unpredictable areas and the concrete slabs begin to move and break.

A Permanent Solution - Mudjacking & Polyjacking

Where concrete sinks, we're here to raise it. With both mudjacking and polyjacking techniques and tools at our disposal we can virtually realign any slab. Our methods use the latest advancements in technology to permanently raise concrete and solidify it. With no excavation required, we drill a small opening into the infected area, pump one of our two materials into the hole, and raise the slab back into place. It's that simple.

Materials We Use

Polyurethane Foam Jacking

Even the most subtle voids, openings, and crevices underneath concrete can be problematic. In these cases we recommend and use polyurethane foam. This versitile substance can fill and fit into any microscopic space in the sub-terrain- guaranteeing a sure solution to any sinking slab repair problem. Once hardened, it's virtually indestructable and can withstand any amount of weight or pressure.

Mudjacking: Concrete & Cement

In a traditional sense, concrete and cement go hand-in-hand. Where empty space arises underneath a slab the logic is simple: add more cement. Though is takes an expert contractor with years in the industry to know the right mixture. The material we use for mudjacking is comprised of water, dirt, and cement in a patented solution that's guaranteed to hold. When hardened, it acts as an additional backfill to compound the soil while raising the area back into place.

We can repair the following sunken items:

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