Concrete Raising in Chesterfield, MO

Our company is dedicated to improving the lives of homeowners in desperate need of getting slabs fixed and realigned for the benefit of their building and convenience. More often concrete can become deteriorated and/or sink into the sub-terrain causing unstable conditions on your housing, exteriors, and additions. This includes sidewalks and driveways that make it difficult not only to walk but to drive on as well. Other additions such as patios, pool decks, and steps can begin to defect from being uneven or unbalanced causing other damages to the woodwork or the attachments and support beams that hold the structure in place. The most crucial areas that we take special care are garage and basement floors- where these issues can present more costly damages from water leaks and structural failure if left unchecked and not properly filled or raised.

Concrete Driveway Raising

As a local contractor we provide concrete raising and leveling in Chesterfield, MO that are permanent solutions to sinking slabs and flooring. Using our advanced products and systems of mudjacking and polyjacking we remove the threat of soil shrinkage, moisture levels, and improper compaction, which are the leading causes of these types of situations. Sunken concrete repair is our specialty with years of experience and a wide range of customer approval ratings to back it up. We guarantee any homeowner will be pleased with our work, craftsmentship, and professional courtesy, all within competitive rates and pricing that works for your budget.

Why Is Your Concrete Sinking?

The first question homeowners will ask is, why is this happening? A common question that deserves a good answer before considering the repairs, costs, and looking for a local company to fix the problem. Sinking concrete can happen from a number of reasons; effecting important structures like patios and pool decks that may cause even more damages to the additions themselves.

Expanding and Contracting Soil

This comes from expanding and contracting soil. If your slabs were built on clay-rich soil rainy and snow-thawing seasons produce an enormous amount of water that gets soaked into the sub-terrain. The soil expands as it soaks all available water, and then contracts during the hot and dry seasons. This process continues each year causing shifts in the concrete causing settlement and cracks.

Improper Compaction and Backfill

If the soil was not properly compacted or filled when the slabs were initially installed, it can create voids underneath the poured concrete which results in what's called "subgrade failure. This causes unnecessary stress to the entire area resulting in sinking and eventually cracking.

The Solution: Polyleveling and Mudjacking

In the industry, mudjacking is still a viable solution for cracked concrete raising. Traditional methods have been in the market for decades, but have been improved over the years to be an effective treatment for backfilling underneath the slab. In this modern day and age technology has become more advanced with a less intrusive and 100% viable system. Polyjacking uses the exact same tactics but with a different material. We offer both services with their own benefits for each unique project we encounter.

What Is Mudjacking?

Mudjacking is the process of pumping a mixture of water, dirt, and cement under the slab called 'slurry'. We drill a small hole into the concrete and use a special hose to continuously pump the mixture filling any voids underneath. As the empty and weak points fill, the entire area rises until leveled.

What Is Polyjacking?

Similar to mudjacking, polyjacking uses the same methods but with a more advanced material. Also known as foam lifting, foam jacking, and slab jacking, we use a special compound called polyurethane that is proven to more cost effective and comprehensive repair. This is from the natural way polyurethane fills all crevices and voids better than 'slurry' and becoming a more permanent solution for raised concrete.

We can repair the following sunken items:

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