Ballwin, MO Expert Concrete Raising and Leveling

Finding a professional in slab lifting and leveling can be a daunting task. Finding the right quote, pricing, and guarantee of craftsmanship, is most important. Our experts at Quality Concrete Raising have been in the business for years providing customers permanent solutions to sinking concrete problems in Ballwin, MO. Our goal is simple: give customers a great service that will protect and improve their home at competitive rates. While sinking slab repairs can seem overwhelming, the methods and technology we use are considerably fast, easy to install, and require no excavation. This includes the most common cracked concrete problems such as driveways, sidewalks, pool decks, patios, garage floors, basement floors, and steps.

Concrete Basement Floor Raising

Concrete raising and leveling is a service that takes precedent in certain areas surrounding your home. Exteriors like stoops or steps around your porch or entryway can not only be unsightly but difficult to walk on. And while basement & garage concrete floors may not seem all that threatening, they can actually lead to leaks and structural deterioration. In cases of home additions such as decks for your pools or patios that are attached to your home, if their concrete slabs sink or crack it puts stress on your house and the patio/deck itself causing more damages.

How We Raise Sinking Concrete

We use two products following the same exact method. The process starts with a simple hole drilled into the concrete slab until we reach the ground underneath. Within the sub-terrain where the soil has lost solidity and/or empty space has left a void, our goal is to fill this area with a firm material. We then insert a small hose into the opening and pump either our concrete mixture (mudjacking) or polyurethane foam (polyjacking). We continue to pump material until the concrete rises and realigns back into place. Both materials offer durable and longlasting effects that will keep your slab properly raised and leveled for years to come.

Mudjacking & Polyjacking: What's the difference?

Mudjacking uses a mixture of water, dirt, and cement to raise sinking or settling slabs, while polyjacking uses polyurethane material. Mudjacking is where traditional standards have stood the test of time: create more foundation using more cement. By filling the voids underneath and compacting the soil once it's hardened you can rest assured knowing your slab will no longer deteriorate or crack. When using polyjacking materials it has a tendency to be more versitile than cement due to it's fluid nature. Being more flexible polyurethane foam can fill even the smallest of crevices in the sub-terrain guaranteeing a more secure hold from subgrade failure.

We can repair the following sunken items:

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