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Local Concrete Raising in Arnold, MO

When you need an honest, local contractor that is experienced in slab repairs, you can count on Quality Concrete Raising: your provider for effective solutions in the Arnold, MO area. We follow through on the most basic principles for sinking concrete, where poor backfill and soil conditions arise over a long period of time creating shifts and voids underneath the slab.

While exteriors such as driveways and sidewalks can be unsightly, issues with home additions are far more hazardous. This includes pool decks, patios, and steps where these additions not only cause problems with being leveled enough to walk upon, but begin to break structural supports.

We also offer services for leveling sunken concrete in basement and garage floors which can produce leaks, and even floods. As a major provider of concrete raising for years, our local company uses advanced methods that are explicit in giving permanent solutions. Time and time again we come across projects that were not professionally done. As a proud contractor in the industry we believe in giving quality assurance to our customers.

Cracked, Sinking Concrete: What Does it Mean?

The answer is simple- expanding and contracting soil. Much like foundations on homes, the same concrete material is only as strong as the soil it rests upon. Therefore, if your slabs or exteriors were built on clay-rich soil it's bound to shift and settle over time. This causes cracks in many forms and can only be apprehended with proper filling and leveling.

Other instances that may cause sinking concrete are from poor back-fill. When your slab was initially poured, back-fill has to be properly laid out in the sub-terrain to avoid any empty spots or voids underneath. If this was done incorrectly the concrete will eventually sink in certain pressure spots where the void is most vulnerable.

Our Concrete Repair Services

Polyjacking: Strong, Durable, Longlasting

While traditional methods may have been around for decades, latest advancements in technology has brought forward a new alternative to raising concrete. Polyjacking is the latest and most reliable solution to lifting slabs back into place. It's the strongest more durable method in the industry that can withstand any amount of pressure or sub-terrain shifts.

Made from polyurethane foam it fills every centimeter of crevices within the voided areas underneath, hardening, and solidifying the concrete permanently. We do this by drilling a small hole into the slab and pump the polyurethane material underneath, causing the slab to lift and realign.

Mudjacking: Traditional & Effective

Mudjacking is a traditional method that has improved over the year. While the ultimate goal remains the same, the technique has vastly changed and becoming less intrusive. Much like polyjacking, we drill a small hole into the concrete slab and filling the sinking spots underneath. With mudjacking the material is different- made from a mixture of water, dirt, and cement. A still highly effective solution that will work in any condition.

We can repair the following sunken items:

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