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Sinking concrete is often an overlooked problem for many homeowners. In various homes throughout Alton, IL you'll find much older estates with aged concrete slabs. Cracked driveways, sunken patio slabs, broken walkways or sidewalks, uneven porches with concrete steps, etc. These are all symptoms of settlment issues and the soil conditions that cause them.

As a premier contractor we are authorized the latest technology in leveling and lifting: polyjacking. Here at Quality Concrete Raising we believe in exactly that- quality care. Our solutions are permanent restorations to any damaged slabs that need immediate assistance. If left unchecked problems can get worse not only for the surface area itself but the surrounding conditions that effect your home as well.

Concrete Sidewalk Raising

Removing The Problem: Lifting Concrete With Soil Compaction

The goal here is to remove the problem entirely by providing more soil compaction through an alternate form of backfill. Since the slab is sinking, and to avoid excavation, we drill through the infected area and inject polyurethane foam to add additional compaction through pressurized treatment and curing of the polyurethane material.

By pumping this substance through the small opening, it forces more pressure in the sub-terrain and pushes the material into all empty voids and weaker soils. Once filled, the concrete slab will be lifted and raised to the appropriate levels.

Concrete Problems We Repair

Basements and Garages

With basement floor slabs you can encounter monolithic full slabs or sectional pieces. If the slab is cracked our polyurethane foam will naturally fill the openings as the floor becomes leveled. Garage floors are only slightly different being usually comprised of one solid piece of concrete. We must take special care to not split the slab by slowly lifting in key points.

Outdoor Patios and Pool Deck Areas

Pool deck areas are susceptible to sinking issues due to the exposure of water- more so than other concrete. Patio slabs are by nature a large surface area that we take special care in keeping in tact to prevent cracks.

Sidewalks and Driveways

Any type of slab that is constantly applied pressure and exposed to the elements are vulnerable to settlement. Driveways that are paved or compiled with giant slabs can be fixed and protected from these types of issues. If you have an entryway to your steps or personal sidewalk around your home, our polyurethane foam injection will keep these surfaces stabilized permanently.

We can repair the following sunken items:

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